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Shakespeare's Globe's Read Not Dead: The Unnatural Combat

“Read Not Dead on the Road: The Unnatural Combat” will be presented by Shakespeare’s Globe, London.

The running time of the show is approximately 3 hours. It is a Jacobean era stage play, basically a tragedy.‘The Unnatural Combat’ was written by Philip Massinger and was published in 1639. However, no hard data about the play’s original date or initial theatrical production has been found, lately.

The story is about the Admiral of Marseilles, Malefort Senior. He is on trial for mysterious reasons when his son, Malefort Junior, challenges him to a duel to settle the case. Malefort Senior kills his son, mutilates his body and is cleared of the charges against him. Meanwhile, Beaufort Junior, the son of the governor, is in love with Malefort Senior’s daughter, Theocrine. But he is not the only one: realising his own desires for his daughter, Malefort Senior asks his old friend Montreville to keep her away from him, to which Montreville readily agrees, desiring Theocrine for himself. Gray’s Inn is hosting Read Not Dead once again. Members of Gray’s Inn will join Globe actors to present the drama in the Hall. Shakespeare’s patron, the Earl of Southampton, was a member of Gray’s Inn and the first recorded performance of The Comedy of Errors took place in Gray’s Inn Hall.

The play will be performed on October 29, 2017 at Gray's Inn, 8 South Square, London, WC1R 5FT

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