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A debut WIP about village life, thirty-something existential crises, and finding your purpose in a world that's a little bit on fire .  Read more about the show on Phoenix Remix

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31st May & 2nd June, Brighton Fringe, Laughing Horse SOLD OUT

5th August, Camden Fringe, Camden Comedy Club SOLD OUT

1st October, Watford Palace Theatre SOLD OUT

10th October, Women In Comedy Festival, Manchester

27th October, Faversham Fringe SOLD OUT

7th December, West End Comedy Club       


17th & 18th February, VAULT Festival SOLD OUT

14th April, The Corby Cube, Avalon Comedy          

16th April, The Glitch, The VAULTS SOLD OUT

24th, 25th & 26th May, Brighton Fringe

15th June Hastings Comedy Festival  SOLD OUT    

7th July, The Room Above, Bristol                        

25th July, The Alma Theatre, Bristol             

3rd August, Museum of Comedy            

13th August, The Bill Murray                                         

15th - 27th August, Just The Tonic, Edinburgh     

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